More pix, less Xip
Rockies scored six runs while I was off shooting this. We makes our choices and we sticks with them.
Swage Blocks
Thunderstorm over Denver
Final project from my second Blacksmithing class. I was pretty proud of the weld for the three leaves to the stem.  I’m still a novice but forge welding is the coolest thing ever.
Wild geranium with houseguest, Pacific Northwest

East o’ the Sun | by “XipitiPix on Flickr”

Mountains near Ketchum, Idaho (Sun Valley area)
Neck knife with deer bone, rawhide and sinew handle. Rawhide and leather sheath.  Handforged blade. Bone, glass and ceramic beads. Maker’s mark “HE.”
Meteoric Iron knife blank.
Looking for the Entwives. Did a black & white version of this, because I think it looks cool. Color version http://xipitipix.tumblr.com/post/31611802763/looking-for-the-entwives-portage-valley-ak
Going to have some photos and art up for the month of May at a neat little gallery/boutique in Denver.  Art’s up on the 1st, opening reception on the 3rd.  Exciting!
Dandelion, ready for love
Fluorite crystal